If you have arrived on this page, then you are definitely a person craving a different sort of relationship in terms of advice, capital and creative partnership.

We say this confidently because we too are entrepreneurs so we know the type well. We wanted to build a business to call our own – lasting, admired and respected – and different from all we saw around us.  In 2016, we took the plunge.  We left our comfortable jobs, friends and faraway homes to build a technology-focused investment business in the Bay Area to focus on the business of you – the founder, the dreamer, the iconoclast, the savant, the programmer, the trading guru, or the hundreds of other names given for those obsessively driven to succeed.  Those who believe with every ounce of their being that their idea is large and the opportunity is vast but realize they need a partner who is as curious, as committed and as tireless in that same pursuit.

If that sounds like you, then we should talk. We see our role as turning dreams into actions, guiding founders each step of the way – from a private start-up to new funding rounds to ever-larger investments, IPOs and beyond.  Nothing provides more daily satisfaction than watching an entrepreneur grow from the ground up, knowing we played a big role at every small step, and that success is ultimately shared.

Our approach here is simple – honesty, candor, respect, transparency and excellence in all we say and do.  Because questions are often not simple, answers cannot be as well.  We must think differently, to solve for complexity and achieve financial creativity and elegance in a solution that works for both personal and business needs.  We say both because for anyone trying to build a business, there is great personal sacrifice; we understand how the personal and work are fused together when starting.  We were once there ourselves. We know.

Our team is small. We like it that way, as it allows us to work overtime to give each individual one-on-one attention and personal advice. We also prefer to hire people with diverse skill sets to augment and mold our risk-taking. We believe that having individuals from all walks-of-life and backgrounds improves our decision-making, challenges conventional thinking and creates a more dynamic environment for our employees. Many come from humble backgrounds; a number are immigrants. We see our team’s diversity and tenacity as one of our great strengths.

If privileged to partner, you will have someone always in your corner.  Working for you.  Fighting for you.  Striving for you. That is our promise.  Welcome to Crescent Cove.