Creating value through relationships, speed and flexibility.

Who we are

Crescent Cove Advisors is an institutional asset management firm based in San Francisco, California. We are focused on creating value for our investors through investing in growth-oriented private companies and investment partnerships across a variety of industries. Committed to providing long-term opportunities, we invest capital in both debt and equity.



In an ever-changing marketplace, we are committed to working hard to provide diverse and unique opportunities for our investors.


We are positioned to move quickly and efficiently to put capital to work. Our team is nimble at finding deals and bringing them to closing.


We offer a variety of products, including both debt and equity investment opportunities. Our focus on senior secured debt can offer additional downside protection, while equity co-invests provide a window to long-term returns.


Our Approach

We are team-oriented and committed to bringing our best to work every day. Our team values creative thinking, flexibility, and practicality. We are always looking for opportunities to be innovative in structuring deals, adding value to potential investments by coming up with new ways to make the deal work. We offer speedy solutions for companies looking for growth capital.


Growth-Oriented Capital

We invest in companies across the United States in many industries, including technology. We focus on special situations in the lower middle market, where we can truly add value.

Our principals have worked for many years in the special situations and direct lending space and have developed extensive networks across a variety of industries, giving us a competitive advantage. We understand what it takes to work with growth-oriented companies over the long haul.


We are positioned to move fast to get your deal done. Unencumbered by bureaucracy, we offer both speed and discretion.


Flexibility. Our typical investment is $5 million to $20 million, consisting of a combination of senior secured term loans and equity instruments. We are creative and flexible in providing a variety of deal structures for the companies we work with.


Our process includes a thorough due diligence review of the company’s performance and operations, conducted by the same team that will manage the relationship throughout the life of the investment. Upon making an investment, we continue to work closely with the management team and encourage them to access our network and expertise in areas where it will benefit their operations.

We take pride in building strong and long-lasting relationships with the principals and management of the companies we work with.

Our Team

Bringing decades of experience, our leadership team knows how to get deals done. We share a vision of providing the best level of service to our investors. And by focusing our efforts on special situations investments, we play to our strengths and expertise.