Crescent Cove seeks to leverage its global network of relationships and differentiated insight across markets, emerging industries, and technologies to build
businesses and accelerate value creation across its portfolios.

+ Care AI

Transforming healthcare settings with powerful AI-enabled automation that improves processes, saves valuable time, and enables the smart care facility of the future.

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Care AI

+ Kingsley

Tech-enabled provider of digital talent management and executive search solutions

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+ Lambda

Designing the worlds most advanced GPU systems and cloud services for deep learning

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+ Advocado

Helping brands, agencies, and media companies optimize data across media advertising campaigns in real time.

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+ Robotic Research

Global provider of autonomous mobility and robotics solutions.

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Robotic Research

+ Nextiva

Cloud-based provider of business communications and customer management through an integrated platform.

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+ HaptX

Leader in haptics technology that simulates touch with unprecedented realism

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+ Poplar Homes

Freeing owners and renters from the complicated busywork of renting using a simplified, pain-free real estate process.

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Poplar Homes

+ GEO Semiconductor

Providing integrated circuit products to enhance the capabilities of virtually any camera or projection system.

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GEO Semiconductor

+ Ember Technologies

Revolutionizing the way people eat, drink and live with innovative design-led temperature control.

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Ember Technologies

+ Luminar Technologies

Making autonomous transportation safe with long-range, high-resolution lidar and perception.

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Luminar Technologies

+ Trianz

Enabling and supporting global clients in their most important strategic initiatives through turnkey consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions.

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+ Major League Hacking

Building tomorrow's tech talent pipeline with the largest community of early career developers in the world with more than 450,000 alumni.

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Major League Hacking

+ The Founder Institute

World’s largest pre-seed accelerator.

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The Founder Institute

+ Udemy

Leading global marketplace for learning and instruction, connecting students worldwide to the best instructors.

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+ Vatic Investments

Vatic Investments is a systematic quantitative investment management firm where traders, AI researchers, and technologists collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and cutting-edge technology.

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Vatic Investments

+ Motiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems is a sustainable technology company delivering proven electric truck and bus chassis and related charging infrastructure

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Motiv Power Systems